Enjoy the wall

Removable wallpaper

Peel and stick vinyl wallpaper

Removable wallpaper In the world of interior design, new trends are continuously emerging that offer simple and stylish solutions to update your space. One such innovative product is removable wallpaper, which promises to transform your home without the need for glue and an hours-long installation process. In this removable wallpaper article, we will try to […]

How to select wallpaper for every room

Living room. Flower wallpaper.

How to select wallpaper for every room in your home Are you ready to elevate your living spaces with the perfect wallpaper? The process of selecting the right wallpaper can transform any room into a personalized haven. However, with countless options available, navigating the decision-making process can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, fear not! We’ve curated an […]

Bring your home to life with flower wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper. Flower pattern. Bedroom.

Bring your home to life with flower wallpaper Looking to add freshness and vitality to your home’s interior? Nothing does it as effortlessly and effectively as wallpaper with floral patterns. Floral wallpapers not only follow a trendy interior design aesthetic but also bring the beauty and harmony of nature indoors. In this article, “Bring your […]

How to choose and use white wallpaper

Bedroom. White wallpaper.

How to choose and use white wallpaper White wallpapers are a classic choice for any interior. They bring brightness, spaciousness, and elegance to a room. In this article, “How to choose and use white wallpaper” we’ll explore why white wallpapers can be a fantastic option for your home or office, as well as how to […]

Coastal & Nautical Wallpaper


Coastal & nautical wallpaper for your home The allure of Coastal & Nautical Wallpaper has captivated interior enthusiasts for years. From the tranquil ambiance to the hint of adventure, these wallpapers bring the essence of the sea directly into your living space. Let’s dive into the world of maritime wallpaper, including Beach Wallpaper motifs, ocean […]

Pink Wallpaper

Pink wallpaper. Mural mountain

Pink wallpaper: infusing elegance and warmth into your space In the realm of interior design, the choice of wallpaper can significantly impact the ambiance and personality of a room. Among the myriad of colors and patterns available, pink wallpaper stands out as a versatile and captivating option. Whether you’re aiming for a soft and romantic […]

Preppy Wallpaper

Children's room. Preppy wallpaper. Vinyl.

Preppy wallpaper: elevating interior design with classic elegance. In the world of interior design, certain styles have an enduring appeal that transcends trends and seasons. One such timeless aesthetic is embodied in the concept of preppy wallpaper. Drawing inspiration from the refined atmosphere of Ivy League campuses and the sophisticated charm of New England estates, […]

Wallpaper hanging

Example of unprepared surface

Wallpaper hanging: factors affecting installation quality Wallpaper hanging is a crucial aspect of interior decoration, significantly influencing the overall aesthetics of a space. In this article, titled ‘Wallpaper hanging: factors affecting installation quality’, we’ll delve into the intricacies of wallpaper hanging, exploring the key factors that influence installation quality. Surface preparation Proper surface preparation is […]

Wood veneer wallcovering

Wood veneer Wallpaper. Phillip Jeffries.

Wood veneer wallcovering: Elegance and installation challenges For those aiming to infuse their interior with the warmth of natural wood, Phillip Jeffries‘ wood veneer wallcovering embodies the perfect solution. However, behind this natural beauty lies a series of challenges that we, as a company, encounter when installing these unique wallpapers. Let’s take a look at […]

Wallpapered ceiling

Wallpapered ceiling. Non woven wallpaper

Wallpapered ceiling Interior design is a fantastic opportunity to express personal style and taste. However, when it comes to updating home décor, we often focus on the walls, floors, and furniture, overlooking the ceiling. Why not turn the ceiling into a stunning focal point? This is where the idea of wallpapering the ceiling comes in. […]