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Venetian plasters

The use of Venetian plaster fireplace transforms a space into an elegant masterpiece. This technique’s hallmark is the venetian plaster texture, known for its smooth and lustrous finish, gracing walls, ceilings, and furniture. In the world of modern plaster, a diverse array of colors, from earthy neutrals to vibrant hues, offers unmatched versatility for interior design.


Marmorino plasters

Marmorino plasters, with a rich tradition and modern use, showcase artisanal appeal. Notably, “San Marco Marmorino Classico” offers timeless elegance and versatility for traditional and contemporary surfaces. “Marmorino Metallic” brings opulence with metallic-infused finishes, and “Marmorino Velvet” offers luxurious, soft textures. These, along with “MARMORINO CLASSICO” and “Metallics plasters,” offer diverse decorative options for captivating interiors.


Grassello plasters

Grassello plasters, often referred to as grassello venetian plaster, are a testament to refined and elegant decorative wall finishes. This traditional technique, rooted in Italian craftsmanship, utilizes the finest grassello and lime plaster to create a luxurious and highly polished surface. The result is a shimmering and smooth finish that adds depth and texture to any interior.

Marmorino classico


Travertino Venetian plaster is a remarkable design choice that effortlessly replicates the natural beauty of travertine stone. This exquisite technique brings the timeless elegance and warm earthy tones of travertine to interior walls and surfaces. With its textured finish that mimics the porous nature of the stone, Travertino Venetian plaster adds depth and character to spaces, providing a sense of rustic luxury. It’s a versatile option, whether used to create a Mediterranean-inspired ambiance in a residential setting or to enhance the sophistication of commercial spaces, proving that Travertino Venetian plaster can bring the essence of nature into your interior design.

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