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Top designer trends in decorative plasters for the current season

Decorative plasters play a vital role in creating unique and stylish interiors. Each season brings new trends and inspiration for using this creative material. In this article, titled “Top Designer Trends in Decorative Plasters for the Current Season,” we will explore the most current designer trends in decorative plasters for the current season.

1. Metallic shimmer

Metallic shades in decorative plasters are becoming increasingly popular. The use of metallic pigments gives the surface a shimmer and sparkle, creating a subtle glow. This trend is perfect for modern interiors, adding a touch of luxury and contemporary flair.

2. Textured effects

Textured decorative plasters are in high demand. They allow you to create various patterns, reliefs, and abstract textures on walls and ceilings. This trend is suitable for various interior styles, from minimalism to eco-design.

3. Shabby chic effect

The “shabby chic” effect is gaining popularity in decorative plasters. This style gives walls and ceilings the appearance of aged, slightly worn surfaces with a delicate wood grain texture. Such an effect creates an atmosphere of vintage charm and romance in the interior.

4. Marble tones

Marble tones in decorative plasters symbolize elegance and opulence. This trend allows you to imitate the texture and shimmer of marble on walls and ceilings, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement to the interior.

5. Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are becoming trendy in decorative plasters. Creating symmetrical and asymmetrical geometric patterns gives the interior a modern and stylish look. This trend is suitable for bold and creative interior designs.

6. Material and manufacturer

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Designer trends in decorative plasters are constantly evolving, offering endless opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Metallic shimmer, textured effects, shabby chic, marble tones, and geometric patterns – all reflect the diversity of styles and inspire the creation of unique interiors. Choose the one that matches your preferences and gives your home a distinctive and elegant look.