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Wallpapered ceiling

Interior design is a fantastic opportunity to express personal style and taste. However, when it comes to updating home décor, we often focus on the walls, floors, and furniture, overlooking the ceiling. Why not turn the ceiling into a stunning focal point? This is where the idea of wallpapering the ceiling comes in. Let’s take a look at the article ‘Wallpaper Ceiling’ and find out the answer.


The concept of wallpapered ceilings has deep roots. It first gained popularity in the 18th century when expensive silk wallpapers adorned with intricate patterns and luxurious ornaments were used. This method of ceiling decoration served as a status symbol and showcased the refined taste of homeowners.


  1. Uniqueness: Covering the ceiling with wallpaper adds uniqueness and character to the interior. You can choose wallpapers with various patterns, textures, and colors to suit your preferences and the room’s style.

  2. Visual Space Enhancement: Using wallpaper on the ceiling can create the illusion of higher ceilings and amplify the sense of space in the room.

  3. Concealing Imperfections: If you have ceiling defects or unevenness, covering them with wallpaper can be an excellent way to conceal these flaws without resorting to costly repairs.

Wallpapering techniques for ceilings

  1. Classic Style: Use solid-colored wallpapers or wallpapers with subtle patterns to create an elegant and stylish ceiling.

  2. Accent Ceiling: Choose bold or contrasting wallpapers to create an accent ceiling that draws attention and becomes the focal point of the room.

  3. Geometric Patterns: Striking geometric patterns or stripes on the ceiling can add a modern and dynamic look to the interior.

Wallpapered ceiling. Non woven wallpaper

Material and manufacturer

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Wallpapering the ceiling is a creative way to add uniqueness and style to your interior. Whether you opt for classic wallpapers or experiment with contemporary designs, a wallpapered ceiling will be a fantastic addition to your home decor. Let your ceiling speak and express your individuality!