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Can you put wallpaper on textured walls?

When updating an interior, the question often arises as to whether wallpaper can be installed on walls that already have texture. Textured walls can be a challenge when choosing finishing materials, but there are certain things to consider. In this article, ‘Can you put wallpaper on textured walls,’ we will explore how wallpaper covers walls with different textures and find the answer to whether you can install wallpaper on textured walls.

Textured walls: advantages and features

Textured wall finishes can range from rough plaster surfaces to decorative embossed finishes. It gives walls a unique appearance and can hide some surface imperfections. However, certain problems can arise when trying to wallpaper textured walls:

1. Unevenness and flatness

The texture of the wall can create irregularities and flatness, making it difficult to glue the wallpaper evenly.

2. Possible tear-offs and damage

Due to uneven texture surfaces, wallpaper may not adhere properly, tear off, or even be damaged when attempting to install.

Preparing textured walls for wallpaper

Before installing wallpaper on textured walls, it is important to make the necessary preparations:

1. Leveling the surface

Using special fillers or primers to level the texture and create a more even surface.

2. Assessing the condition of the walls

Checking for damage, cracks or peeling texture as this can affect the quality of the wallpaper installation.

Adapting Wallpaper to Wall Texture

1. Specific wallpaper types

Certain wallpapers, such as vinyl wallpapers or thick commercial wallpapers, have special properties that allow them to better adapt to wall texture.

2. Wallpaper characteristics

The thickness, type of adhesive, and color of wallpaper can play an important role when installing on textured walls.

Customer's wishes and individual requirements

1. Strict installation standards

Some clients require a perfect installation without a single bump on the wallpaper, showing the condition of the wall surface.

2. Perception of wallpaper as background

For other customers, the perception of the wallpaper as a background is more important and minor irregularities are not crucial.

Non woven wallpaper

Installing wallpaper on textured walls: important features

When discussing the feasibility of installing wallpaper on textured walls, it is important to consider the variety of wallpaper types and wall surface characteristics. Some wallpapers, such as vinyl or commercial wallpapers with thick backings, may be more suitable for installation on textured walls, while others require additional surface preparation.

Role of surface preparation and drywall installation

1. Wall preparation

Attention must be paid not only to the preparation of the walls through plastering, but also to the initial installation of the drywall, as irregularities and bulges can be the result of improper installation.

2. Working with drywall

The installation of drywall plays a significant role in the final quality of the wall surface for wallpaper installation.

3. Priming

The right primer will provide better adhesion and keep the plaster from rising. It will make it much easier to work with dark wallpaper.

When in doubt or if there are difficulties with textured walls, it is advisable to contact professionals. They will be able to assess the condition of the walls, give recommendations on preparation and installation of wallpaper.

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The ability to install wallpaper on textured walls depends on many factors, including the type of wallpaper, its characteristics, customer preference and the quality of surface preparation. Proper wall preparation and drywall installation become key to ensuring successful wallpaper installation and creating the desired interior appearance.