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Choosing and selecting wallpapers: how to pick the perfect wallpaper for different rooms

Wallpapers have become a popular choice for interior decor, and for good reason. These versatile wall coverings offer a wide range of designs, allowing you to transform any room into a captivating and stylish space. In this article titled “Choosing and Selecting Wallpapers: How to Pick the Perfect Wallpaper for Different Rooms,” we will explore the benefits of using wallpapers, the different types available, and how to choose the perfect wallpaper for different rooms, considering their functionality and style.

1. Consider the room's functionality

Before selecting wallpapers, consider the functionality of the room. Different rooms may require different types of wallpapers:

- Living room and bedroom:

For living spaces, opt for wallpapers with cozy and warm textures, such as fabric-backed vinyl or non-woven wallpapers. Choose from calming neutral tones or add a pop of vibrant accent colors, depending on the interior style.

- Kid's room:

In a kid’s room, you can use wallpapers with bright and cheerful patterns, featuring children’s characters or playful abstract designs. Ensure to prioritize eco-friendly and safe wallpapers for children’s spaces.

- Kitchen and bathroom:

For these spaces, opt for wallpapers with moisture-resistant properties, such as vinyl-coated or glass fiber wallpapers. They are easy to clean and will maintain their appearance in high humidity conditions.

2. Take room size into account

When choosing wallpapers, consider the size of the room:

- Small room:

For smaller spaces, select wallpapers with small patterns or vertical stripes to create a visually larger area. Light and neutral wallpaper colors can also make the room feel brighter and more spacious.

- Large room:

In larger rooms, you can experiment with wallpapers featuring bold designs, large patterns, or geometric motifs. These will add elegance and character to the interior.

3. Match the interior style

Choose wallpapers that complement the interior style:

- Classic style:

For classic interiors, opt for wallpapers with delicate patterns, thin stripes, or vignettes. Pastel shades and neutral colors work well in classic settings.

- Modern and minimalism:

In modern interiors, you can use solid-colored wallpapers with textures or abstract patterns. Black-and-white wallpapers or contrasting designs can also blend perfectly with modern decor.

4. Samples and testing

Before finalizing your wallpaper choice, obtain samples and place them on the walls in the room. This will allow you to assess how the wallpapers look in different lighting conditions and from various angles.

5. Material and manufacturer

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Choosing the right wallpapers can transform your interior and create a unique atmosphere in each room. Consider the functionality and style of the space, as well as the room size and existing interior features when selecting wallpapers. Test samples before making a final decision. Thoughtfully chosen, high-quality wallpapers will make your home cozy and stylish, reflecting your personal taste and enhancing your living space.